• MODE 1912



    MODE 1912














    American day dress, 1912.




    Mme Jeanne Paquin, evening gown, 1912.

    Jeanne Hallée, afternoon dress, 1912.

    House of Drécoll, day dress, 1912.

    Herbert Luey, evening dress, 1912.

    Callot Soeurs, evening dress, 1910-12.

    Paul Poiret, evening gown, 1912-14.

    Callot Soeurs, evening dress, 1911.

    Mrs Osborn Company, evening dress, 1911-13.

    Evening dress, 1911-13.

    Plaza Gown Parlors, evening gown, 1911-12.

    Callot Soeurs, evening dress, 1911-14.

    Mrs Osborn Company, evening gown, 1910. I don’t think any of the above deck passengers on the Titanic would have worn a dress that was two years out of date but couldn’t resist including this one as it is so beautiful.

    Dinner dress, 1910-12.

    French evening dress, 1910.

    Worth, evening gown, 1910-14.

    Worth, evening dress, 1910.

    G&E Spitzer, evening dress, 1910-12.

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