Нашла еще несколько старинных кукольных домиков, а также современной работы "Мастерскую Леонардо да Винчи" и японский кукольный домик.


    Cabinet of Sara Ploos Van Amstel

    Mexican Doll House The small mansion, believed to be is a copy of a house which once stood in Puebla, was discovered in an antique shop in Puebla in the spring of 1977. Although the facade of the house has some Moorish features, it is French in flavor, a reflection of many full-sized mansions in Puebla and Mexico City built over the years after the arrival of the troops of Napoleon III in 1862. In 1922, the house was wired and redecorated, giving the interior some feeling of the 1920s. The Paige automobile in the driveway is, along with a pair of early radio towers, from this period.
    Fully furnished, the house contains a drawing room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, music room, and chapel. A section of the removable facade covers each of these.
    from 1890-1920.

    Christian Hacker´s House
    Made in Nuremberg in 1900, sweet design french style

    Moved to Uppark in Sussex, England, 1947. Belong to Sarah Letihieullier

    Hamleys Doll House
    Hamleys, the gigantic toy emporium sold this Dollhouse in 1930

    Manwaring Dolls' House
    An early Georgian house (1718) with a walled garden and a collection of 19th- to 20th-century paintings. Museum of Farnham, Surrey

    The maker is said to have based the facade of the doll's house on that of the children's own house. The Manwaring's former house is next door to the museum and, like the doll's house, a fine example of Georgian architecture.

    Baroque Doll’s World
    Besides taking care of her cute little dogs, the early widowed and childless Countess Auguste Dorothea von Schwarzenberg-Arnstadt (1666 - 1751) had another cute little hobby: the replication of the Baroque world around her into miniature proportions. She spent the years between 1704 and 1751 working on her composition, “Mon Plaisir” (“My Pleasure”), an entire world consisting of 82 dolls houses and more than 400 dolls.



    Stromer House
    One of the oldest known intact doll houses is in the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany. Known as the Stromer House, because it was presented to the museum by Baron von Stromer, its original owner is unknown, but it is dated 1639.

    Like other famous doll houses which followed it, the Stromer House offers a fascinating view of upper-class life for the time and place it was made. This doll house has 15 sections, with everything from stables and servants’ quarters, to elegant bedrooms and a reception room and hall with intricately paneled walls.

    Toy House Italian
    Dated 1700-1750, Museum of Industrial Art
    Strada Maggiore No 44
    I-40121 Bologna

    Vanderbilt´s Doll House made by Paul Cumbie in 1883, the real is 660, Fifth Avenue, NY

    English House

    Nuremberg Kitchen


    Cabinet of Sara Ploos Van Amstel

    Trailer Doll House

    Japanese House

    -------------Современный японский кукольный домик-------------

    ----------------Домик художника-------------------------

    ---------------------------Vale House------------------------

    Vale House

    Vale House - open
    This is a 1/12th house

    Vale House - Dining Room

    Vale House - Drawing Room

    Vale House Kitchen

    Vale House - entrance hallway

    Vale House - Scullery

    Vale House - Scullery, showing china storage

    Vale House - Egyptian Museum


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